Why choose an auto glass repair service over a replacement one?

Auto glass repair is a process of fixing various chips (usually rock made) and minor cracks in windshields. Lately, many local companies who install windshields have started calling their installation services windshield repair to confuse potential clients. Remember that replacing a windshield and windshield repair are two entirely different things!

What is a windshield repair?

Windshields as many people know are made of special laminated glass, which essentially represents two sheets of glass pressed together with a special plastic filling in between. Breaks or cracks in the top layer of the glass allow an air pocket to form in between the surface glass and the laminate. This causes a weak area in the windshield. Repair technicians usually fix the damaged area of the windscreen by injecting special resin into it, then allowing the resin to cure. This process basically removes the air pocket and bonds the laminate and glass together. If the procedure is done properly, the repaired area usually is even stronger than the original auto glass.

Although such repairs improve the appearance of the break, their true purpose is to restore the structural integrity of the windscreen so it remains intact during an accident. After all a windscreen is not only a part of the support structure of the vehicle, but the it is also necessary for airbags to deploy properly. This is one good reason to avoid breaking the factory seal unless it is absolutely necessary step.

Why to choose a windshield or a window repair service?

There isn’t a window, windscreen or a glass plate that is 100% insured against chips and cracks. The good news are that in most cases you can avoid costly replacement. It is a good idea to look for a repair whenever possible. If you are still wondering why, here are a couple of good reasons:

  • It saves money. Repair costs much less than having a new windshield installed, or it may even cost you nothing if you have a comprehensive auto insurance package.
  • It saves time. Most repairs are completed in fifteen minutes and you can drive your vehicle as soon as the repair process is finished.
  • It preserves the factory seal. Repair prevents leaking problems from occurring because such repairs are performed right on site, without removing the windshield from the vehicle. Leaking is one of the major complaints of people who get a new windshield.
  • It keeps around 25 pounds of glass out of the landfill. You may not know but laminated glass products are not recyclable.

So, if you get a rock chip or small crack in you window, get it fixed right away by a professional auto glass shop or by yourself, using the so called “Windshield Repair Kits”. The kits can be bought from virtually anywhere – from a local general store to e-bay and Amazon.

Windshield and window repair is a green industry!

In existence since the 70’s, auto glass repair is one of the first green industries. You many not know but roughly 275 million pounds of auto glass and other laminate glass products are dumped into our landfills every year! The sad thing is that many of those windshields could have easily been repaired, but instead, they were scrapped. Every repaired windscreen saved, eliminates roughly 25 pounds of glass in a landfill! Insurance companies are well aware of this fact that is why most of them fully support the windshield and window repair industry. That is why the next time you spot a chip on your windscreen or window, think carefully whether is not better to fix it than to replace it!

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