If you have a chipped, cracked or scratched windscreen, then check out Nike Auto Glass, we offer quality glass repair and replacement at an affordable price range.

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Nike Auto Glass offers quality and affordable auto glass repair services. Quick, courteous and inexpensive – call us!

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Broken Windshield or Car Window? Trust Nike Auto Glass with your repair and replacement needs. In business since 1987.

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Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy auto glass repair shop in Fontana, CA? Look no further than Nike Auto Glass! We are committed to providing exceptional products and services and demonstrate utmost care and attention to our customers. Whether you are a residential or commercial car owner, you can rely on us for a wide range of services and high-quality products.

Our Services

Auto Glass Replacement

Auto Glass Replacement
Every car owner wants to take proper care of their vehicle; however, some incidents are inevitable, such as a stone flying from the car ahead of you and striking your windshield, therefore damaging it. Opting for our professional windshield replacement service, you will receive top-notch services and have your safety and well-being guaranteed. Give us a call today, and let us handle the replacement for you and deliver impressive results!

Auto Glass Repair Work

Auto Glass Repair Work
The first thing you should do when you notice a crack on your windshield is to drive to a reputable and dependable windshield repair company and let the professionals evaluate the damage and provide options to resolve the problem. Driving with a damaged windshield increases the risk of it shattering and injuring you. Entrusting the repair work to us, you can drive with confidence knowing your windshield is structurally sound and won't fall apart on the road.

Auto Glass Sales

Auto Glass Sales
Whatever your needs are, we at Nike Auto Glass always strive to be of service and provide a wide variety of auto glass sales. When you opt for our assistance, we will discuss the different opportunities for your project and choose the best product for you. Experts provide valuable advice and evaluate the best product and method of proceeding toward your unique project. Don't hesitate to contact us today for high-quality products and prevent mismatching components.

Wide Variety of Available Products

Whether you need windshield installation service or repair work, we always strive to be versatile and offer a wide variety of available products. Windshields vary depending on the car type, make, model, and year of manufacture and differ in terms of quality, shape, and treatment. By choosing our company, you can rest assured knowing that you will find the perfect product and have a specialist perform the service.

The Benefits

Windshield replacement and repair work expose you to pieces of sharp glass that could cause severe injuries, especially if you lack the skills and protective equipment. Eliminate the risk of injury and let the professionals take care of your needs. By doing so, you can enjoy a professional service with high-quality results and reduce the chances of getting hurt.

How We Do It

Because of our extensive work experience, we have mastered our craft to perfection and know all the tricks of the trade. We strive to be flexible and versatile, so we have developed a customized approach for each client, ensuring hassle-free service and remarkable results. We utilize only the highest possible products and will go the extra mile to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Maybe you are interested in appointing our company and asking yourself if we cover your area. We proudly offer our professional services in the following location:

  • Rialto, CA

If you find yourself looking for a professional windshield installation or repair service in Fontana, CA, don’t hesitate to contact our reputable auto glass repair shop. We at Nike Auto Glass are capable of handling your project with accuracy and proficiency and delivering excellent results.

Client Testimonials

by Alfie Rivas on Nike Auto Glass
Thank You!

I appointed this company to replace my cracked windshield. They were polite and demonstrated a high level of professionalism. Performed a quality windshield installation service in a timely and efficient manner. I'm very happy with the results and highly recommend this company! Thank you!

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